into everyday life of GOSS. We strive consistently to maintain consistent quality and safety principles throughout our operations and facilities. Employees at every level are aware of QHSE principle and their own contribution to quality, safety, health and environment.

Motto: “Think Safety”

The company has a proactive approach towards creating a safe working environment to protect the health, safety and welfare of all people in the workplace. The safety education and training for all employees are continuously done as well as reviewing the programs to identify the risks and hazards in the workplace and how to better manage them to prevent injuries.

GOSS implemented a Management Policy and targets at optimum compliance with the requirements of UAE Law, its customers, employees and the environment. Within this objective we continuously create standards both qualitative and quantitative for continuous measurement and improvement of this policy. The safety, health and welfare of our employees, third party employee, care for the environment and our commitment to quality are fundamental in all our activities. Employees at every level are aware of their own involvement to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. On a permanent basis, we set objectives, measure results, and analyze and improve our procedures, processes and systems.

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