• Oilfield supply and services

  • Oilfield supply and services

  • Oilfield supply and services

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Starting Pressure control Division

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New Fishing Contracts

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Gulf Oilfield Supplies and Services (GOSS)

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GOSS provides a comprehensive range of tools/equipment

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about QHSE

The QHSE principles of Quality,Health safety and Environment are integrated

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Our Safety Commitment

The company has a proactive approach towards creating a safe working environment to protect the health, safety and welfare of all people in the workplace. The safety education and training for all employees are continuously done as well as reviewing the programs to identify the risks and hazards in the workplace and how to better manage them to prevent injuries.

FMC Sales

GOSS keeps large quantities of FMC Flow Line Products such as Unions, Butterfly Valves, Plug Val [ ... ]

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Pressure Control Equipment

GOSS provides wide range of Pressure Control Equipment including 29-1/2” & 21-1/4” Diverter  [ ... ]

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